Next start date July 11th 2017...

5 People

Small groups
Maximum attention
Beautiful Private Location
Unique and fun equipment

6 Weeks

Just six weeks
30 minutes
Two times per week
Get stronger and more powerful


The Boot Camp for Real World Strength and Fitness in Epsom.

6 Weeks to get more powerful in ways that no gym training can accomplish.

Designed to enhance your functional strength and fitness used in the real world. No Barbells or machines here.

We lift odd shape objects, carry them, put them over head, sprint, jump, climb and generally challenge the body in ways no gym machine can touch.

It also happens to be great fun and a huge stress reliever tootrust me when I tell you that once you have unleashed your energy with a sledge hammer you’ll be more relaxed!

How is it different from a other Boot Camps?

Different is how things happen with HUSKY! Slosh pipes and balls, strongman sand bags, rubberised over weight medicine balls, battle ropes, S&C sleds, hand over hand pulls, farmers walks and more always being added!

Nothing else touches this. Numbers are limited to a maximum of just five people per session to ensure the quality of coaching stays high and you never feel left out and ALWAYS receive care and attention.

Using a variety of unique equipment that no one else in town has we ask more from the body by working with objects and movements in unusual ways. This hardens the body and mind due to the dynamic and variable nature of this training style.

Linear barbells and machines are good but nothing builds the “wow” strength like old school odd objects and strongman style training.

Reserve your place today by filling in the contact form at the bottom of the page or just give me a call on 07742 952 208


Healthy Athletic Muscular & Strong

Embrace your inner wild and get truly real world strong...

AND have fun in the process :)

Cost Effective

Personal Training can be too costly at times and full size classes too daunting.

HUSKY Boot Camp is cheaper than a PT session AND quieter than a fitness class.

Register your interest using this contact form and start Epsom’s HUSKY¬†Bootcamp

For just £199 you can be stronger, leaner and more confident

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