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2022 weight loss and workouts started

Weight loss and 2022 workouts started in earnest today.

Strength, power and conditioning are the focus for me. 170 bpm makes for a fun session.

personal trainer epsom
Aiming for 160bpm for the duration of the main workout. Cardio health is as important as strength for me.

Calories will be dropped gradually to bring my fat arse down from 96kg to somewhere around 90 to 92kg and then I’ll reassess goals when I get there.

My calories for weight loss fluctuate around 2000 calories and will be adjusted as needed.

It all depends on how much of the “pinch an inch” or two has shifted!

Protein target is 150 to 200g per day with some downward wiggle room on non workout days. Of which there will be three per week.

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Getting this lean again is not the goal, that took some serious mental effort for me. I will see how I feel as I go and maybe I will just end up there anyway! Just losing the wobbly bits this time round will be dandy for me though

Keeping my protein intake high during a calorie deficit is the only way I have managed to maintain muscle tissue in the past. It is hard to over state how crucial this element of a diet is.

Previous fat dropping diets have been based around a mega shake of about 1k calories per day and 100 or so grams of protein. Fruit snacks and a good hearty solid evening meal of meat and vegetables to bring protein up to target. Very simple stuff but not always easy.

I’ll start with that and see how I go with it.

If you’re ready to see what you can do then drop me a line here