A child of the eighties I obviously had to look as close to the on screen hero's as possible!

Aesthetics however, are only half the package. Our function must match our form in degree at least, surpassing it where possible, so that is what I aim to achieve: superhero form and function!

As a teenager I had a set back that meant I lost a portion of the bone structure of one leg, leaving me with significant reconstruction and metal work along with some soft tissue "changes".

I've had to find ways to work around this which has forced my studies and experimentation deeper than many in my field. I've had to understand the real world workings of the human body in order to better them and move beyond perceived limitations.

I learned the hard way just how important our health is to us and what can be achieved through exercise, determination and diet and most of all how important a support team is.

Along the way I have had more operations than I can remember now and with each post operative recovery I have learned, practised and applied new and better techniques to achieve strength and fitness. Which you can now benefit from...my rocky road is your smooth ride.

My goal is to share with you the strength, empowerment and freedom of health and fitness.  A person can only know true happiness when they have learnt to use their body to it's fullest.

Exercise is part of my life, let me help you make it part of yours.

The Teenage Cancer Trust is Hams Fitness' preferred Charity (www.TeenageCancerTrust.org).

Epsom Personal Training

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