A Simple Workout at Home…with minimal time and equipment

I have recently been asked if it is possible to workout at home when someone has minimal spare time and very limited access to equipment?

It sure is.

I even made a little video of a very simple circuit.


I ran this circuit for 20 minutes with minimal rest between moves…farked at the end.

I know I am using rings in the video and performing one legged squats but with a little imagination…you could use a door gym pull up bar, press ups on the floor and one legged squats to a chair or just plain old body weight two legged squats/squat jumps….

Simple isn’t always easy..

As for how many repetitions and how many sets? So simple….as many as you can each time through a circuit.

No need to bust a gut, grinding out reps. Just perform as many as you can with good technique and then move to the next movement in the series, for example, the first circuit may look like this:

press ups x 10
squats x 30
chins x 5

repeat for 15/20 minutes or until you are too tired to carry on, depending on your current fitness levels.

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