Another Meal Plan 1500 calories Without Breakfast Cooking – Wine and Chocolate too!

Another One Day Meal Plan…when breakfast preparation is out the window or you simply can’t stomach it…slanted toward those who prefer their calories toward the end of the day.


This one is a good`un for the late night snack – Wine and Chocolate? I think so!


Breakfast: 50 calories

Coffee/tea with splash of cream


Continue fasting

Lunch: 400 calories 40 g protein

Glass of water

Chicken wrap (one breast skinless into a few strips, one wrap) with peppers and seasoning of choice (400 calories 40 g pro)

Snack: 100 calories 7 pro

Glass of water

Boiled egg and gherkin (80 – 100 cal 5-10 pro)

Dinner: 450 – 500 calories 35 g protein

Glass of water

Prawns (Sainsbury’s King Prawns whole pack 225g) with chopped spring onions and peppers. Chilli flakes and a dash of sechzaun sauce with 50g basmati rice (450 cal 35 g pro)

Snack: 250- 500 calories

Glass of wine 250 ml (250 cal)

and / OR

Chocolate bar i.e. dairy milk 45g bar (240 cal)

The 1500 calories includes the chocolate bar AND wine!

Another tasty meal plan brought to you by Epsom’s Personal Trainer: Richard Ham Williams of Hams Fitness

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