Meal Plan 1500 calories – wine day!

Another One Day Meal Plan


…under 1500 calories from Epsom Personal Trainer, Richard Ham Williams


Breakfast: 540 calories 35 g protein

 Glass of milk (300 ml 240 cal 15 g pro)

Scrambled eggs x2 on one piece of toast (300 cal 20g pro)

Snack: 30 calories

 Coffee/tea with cream

Lunch: 200 calories 25/40 g protein

 Protein shake (30 g scoop) with water and 100 ml milk (200 cal 25 g pro)


Tuna salad (200 g can in water) with drizzle of balsamic vinegar (200 cal 40 g pro)


Snack: 100 calories

Glass of water

Biscuit of choice i.e. penguin bar / digestive (100 cal)

Dinner: 550 calories 35 g protein 

 Glass of water

Roast chicken (one skinless breast) and roast vegetables (300 cal 35 g pro)

One glass of wine (250 ml 250 cal)

Another one day menu of under 1500 calories provided to you by your Epsom Personal Trainer, Richard Ham Williams

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