1500 Calorie Meal Plan – steaks all round!

1500 Calorie Meal Plan

Another Meal Plan…red meat and protein galore on today’s menu…from Epsom Personal Trainer, Richard Ham Williams


Breakfast: 350 calories 15 g protein

Glass of water/coffee/tea (50 cal)

Two bacon rashers (Sainsbury’s smoked grilled) in wholegrain bun with squirt of sauce if desired (300 cal 17 pro)

Snack: 100 calories

Glass of water

One piece of fruit i.e. banana/apple/pear/orange (100 cal)

Lunch: 350  cal 35 g protein

Glass of water

Two chicken drumstick (skin on) with broccoli (350 cal 35 g pro)

Snack: 100 – 120 calories

Glass of water

Small glass (250 ml) of orange juice or a piece of fruit (100 – 120 cal)

Dinner: 750 calories 50 g protein

Glass of water

8oz Steak and broccoli with chips (100 grams) and sauces as needed (750 calories 50 g pro)

One of my favourite days today, bacon and steak!

Another meal provided by Hams Fitness Personal Training here in Epsom, Surrey!

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