Body Transformation – what is it?

Body Transformation – what is it?

The New Year always brings with it the desire to make a change for the better, to reflect on what we have or haven’t done and how we can do better in the next 12 months. Reflection and self improvement can be good juju.

A common improvement millions around the world make is to transform their body, to shed excess fat, lose weight, build muscle, improve fitness, to look great, to feel great etc.

All good and well but what can the average person expect to achieve in the time they will realistically tough out a new diet and workout program?

Experience shows us that gyms and health clubs around the world tend to see an increase in member attendance in January that drops off drastically by the end of the month and the beginning of the next month. Those who last the typical 4-6 weeks will perhaps drop a few pounds to half a stone in that time and good for them. BUT the biggest issue with that is

that most people have considerably more than half a stone to lose if they hope to even begin to look like the transformation photos we see in magazines and on websites. A sharp but honest truth.


If you are the type of person to hire a Personal Trainer then I urge you to listen to their advice, follow a good change of lifestyle diet and workout hard and regularly for two to six months then you are likely to find yourself looking at an entirely different person in the mirror.

What is a Body Transformation; when people you haven’t seen in months look at you and are struck silly by how much you have changed, how much weight you have lost and make comments about  how great you look THEN you have made a transformation.

Now this is not to knock those that simply want to lose a few pounds to get back to pre Christmas weight, that is a smart goal that we help lots of people with here in the Epsom Personal Training Facility every January. It’s simple, fast and makes lots of people very happy.

However, we experience a huge amount of satisfaction from long terms clients that enter as overweight softies and emerge six months later as rock hard, athletic looking transformers.

The famous 300 transformation

The famous 300 transformation

A body transformation as we see in the media is a rare thing in the same way that a basketball slam dunk is rare. Very few people out of the millions that start the journey stay with it long enough to realise a photo worthy transformation but not because they are not good enough or fit enough. Nine times out of ten they lack the support, encouragement and guidance of a professional and experienced Personal Trainer.

Having a team in your corner to help you know what to eat, when to eat, how to train, how hard and how often means the difference between half a stone weight loss and a two stone transformation.

Imagine trying to rebuild a car engine or sculpt a statue having only ever read about it. Now imagine having someone there with you that has done it before and can guide you when you waver, support you when you falter, and encourage you when you tire.

Support, guidance, tough love when it’s needed, and knowledge is how we help countless people like you experience a body transformation.

Everyone performs better with support

Everyone performs better with support

Take home message here is;


  • To transform is to be consistent with both diet and training, not always maximum effort, but always trying, keep on keeping on.
  • Connect yourself with others who have done it and are able to support, encourage and help you; it can make all the difference.
  • Accept it will take time and patience, anything worth having needs to be earned otherwise everyone would look like you are going to, it’s the price the universe asks of us.


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Do you want to lose a little weight or shake off the tired you and create a beautifully energised you?

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