C19 Rig, the outdoor gym, mobile workout.

“Find a way not an excuse” with the gyms closed it seems only fair to provide an outdoor gym solution to our workout situation!

I have a variety of fun equipment to use such as kettlebells, sand bags, slam balls, battle ropes, skipping ropes, prowler pushing/dragging sleds, hanging rings for chins and dips etc, tyres and hammers…all the fun stress relieving stuff we love when training in the great outdoors.

If you want to join in then drop me a line and we can arrange times and locations. Right now we are using a mix of open spaces in Epsom and Ashtead for the outdoor mobile gym set up for your workout desires.

Need a gym now?

How this works now is a little up in the air but the idea going forward for new folks who want a place to train is:

I will be in set places for set times with a pre planned workout for you to have a go at (a half hour high intensity session).

For example, Monday Wednesday and Friday I will be in Ashtead recreation ground from 07:00 to 09:00 (after the existing 06:00 bootcamp finishes) so if you want to come along just drop me a line on 07742 952 208 and let me know.

Other times and locations are in the wings and waiting. Open to adding more times and locations if you have requests.

epsom outdoor gym

Of course I am disinfecting the equipment after each use to keep us all free from this blasted virus but I still encourage you to:

a) wear gloves

b) bring your own personal cleaners for your hands

c) don’t show up if you are even a little off colour!

Follow me on Instagram and Telegram for the most updated locations and times as to where the mobile outdoor gym will be!

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