Dmitry Klokov on Strength, Crossfit, Western Lifters, Training and Diet

Wow this is a good watch/read if you stick with it. A real gold mine of experience and information from Dmitry Klokov.


The highlights for me were:



Food quality should come first before supplements and PEDs. Without food quality your training will amount to nothing.

Sleep is the most overlooked aspect of training and the most useful part too. Sleep heals all!

Warm ups are so important. Listen to your body during a warm up too.

Strength is highly important in Russian training, strength and size are trained for and then skills of speed are trained for.

Personal gym conduct is taught in Russia. Respect the barbell: do not kick it, step over it or disrespect it or the weights.

Be hungry for sporting success and work hard even if things aren’t perfect. Western teams lack motivation and consequences of failure. Fight fight fight!


Love it!

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