If you fear it, it’s probably worth a shot

Don’t fill your life with trivial clutter that takes your time away from those few things that really matter: the things that really make life, life.

So many are afraid of what will or wont happen if they focus their attention to a loved one, a health pursuit or a family connection that they keep them at arms length and instead fill the time with other “things” that they fabricate an importance for.

All the while losing sight, connections and possibly chances with those life changing moments, goals and most of all, people.



Fear of failure or unreciprocated efforts shouldn’t put a stop sign up in front of your life.


If you fear it, it’s probably worth a shot at.


You think a shopping trip, that excuse you gave to that person that wanted a date or an extra hour in the office or that TV show you just have to see is more fulfilling than a real connection with a real person?


How many people who make it to old age alone look back and are happy they didn’t find someone to share life with? None, that’s how many.

How many centenarian’s wished they hadn’t looked after their health, smiled less and had fewer people with love in their hearts around them? None.

How many do you think wished they had spent more time shopping for nice shoes, getting drunk and wished they’d spent more time in the office working? None.

For me, life is about reducing the “noise” of everyday life and trying to find the smile in as many moments and people as possible.

Find your smile today and pursue something or someone that is worth it.

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