How You Look: it’s a Choice

It’s a Choice, Everyday

It’s been a while since I last posted anything. I’ve been busy training people, educating people and supporting them along their own personal journey. (I have a client that is down over 30kgs and I’m excited to show you when we reach the end goal)

Everyone of us has a series of stories that have led us to where we are in our lives, right now. Your journey is full of choices, some conscious and some sub.

How we treat people, how we let them treat us, how we respond, the gravity we give to a situation, our priorities and our choices in every day life create our reality.

If I decide to let words out of another’s pie hole negatively influence my day, that’s on me. Not them. If I choose to eat the muffin instead of having a drink and waiting until my next meal then that’s on me too.

I am not sure how many got told this as kids but I did, often, as I was real “grazer” (meaning I’d eat very little at meal time but snacked most of the day), “Don’t eat that of you’ll ruin your dinner”. This was often repeated in our household.

I’d like to amend that for today’s lifestyle to:

“Don’t eat that or you’ll ruin your body”

Snacks are where so many of us go wrong with a healthy diet. Stop it. Eat three squares per day and make the choice not to snack between those meals. Plan them, choose them, decide to eat better foods and snack less. YOU get to choose that luxury.

As per usual, I have been on my annual “summer diet” that I put myself on for about two months. Each year I realise that I have gained some weight and need to lose a little to get back to where I feel most comfortable and I make different choices throughout my day.

The choices are small changes and require very little actual effort, they take a week or so to get comfortable with. But I choose to make those changes. You can too.

Over the past month or so I have dropped down 5kg and am starting to show signs of being back to where I am most energetic and most aesthetic. Perhaps another one or two kilos to go and then I’ll maintain that condition.

Remember that each time you pick up a cake, sweet or exuberant coffee to “tide you over” you have made a choice. One that says your momentary craving is more important to you than the body you want.

Each time that a tired of work you gets to 10pm and goes to the cupboard or fridge for “just a small nibble” you are choosing that dress size.

Each extra beer is a choice to not drop down a belt size.


It’s on you. Every time.

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