More Meal Ideas with Protein/Fat/Carb Content

A few more meal ideas to give you some guidance in your food choices



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  • Coffee with cream not milk, with no sugar (keeps energy in blood without spiking Insulin)
  • Two eggs cooked anyhow you like. 15g Protein 11g Fat 1g carbs
  • Two eggs and two bacon. 30g protein 23g fat 1g carbs
  • My Protein Vanilla Whey Isolate shake, 1 scoop and 1/2 pint full fat milk to keep insulin spike low. 30g protein 15g fat 5g carbs



  • My Protein Vanilla Whey Isolate shake, 2 scoops + 1 pint full fat milk  (the fat keeps the insulin response lower and digestion slower to keep hunger at bay). 60g protein, 30g fat 30g carbs
  • Sainsbury Ultimate Steak Burgers (taste the difference) burger with a thin slice of cheese (add colourful vegetables like broccoli as desired). 23g protein 25g fat 5g carbs
  • Cod/Haddock fillet in breadcrumbs (add colourful vegetables like broccoli as desired). 20g protein 10g fat 25g carbs
  • Chicken drumstick (with skin) x2 (add colourful vegetables like broccoli as desired). 28g protein 10g fat 0 carbs
  • Tuna (spring water, whole tin) and mayo (full fat) 2 pieces bread. 30g protein 40g fat 30g carbs
  • Mcdonalds 1/4 pounder cheeseburger (when you’re in a bind and nothing else around!). 31g protein 25g fat 37g fat
[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#000000″]NO SNACKING at all throughout the day.Ever. Choose your meals wisely and enjoy eating filling meals and not nibbly snacks.[/headline_cufon_font_centered]
Vegetable choices should be of the colourful and bushy variety where possible. Avoid pasrnips, potato, swedes and most white vegetables on non workout days.
Keep liquids to water as often as possible due to the nature of other drinks (even diet drinks) they can still have an insulin like effect through certain sweetners.
REMEMBER, this diet is only temporary until you have shed off the body fat you don’t want. The less carbohydrates you consume throughout the day the faster your body fat will be used as energy. Dietary fat reduces the likelihood of  spiking blood sugar so have no fear, dietary fat will help you burn more fat.
Workout Days;
The same menu plan holds true BUT, after your workout you can feel free to add in treat carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, ice cream, chocolate cake, a glass of wine a pint of beer etc. Just don’t go over the top, keep the portions small. The scale may show an increase due to water retention that comes with carbs but it will soon slide off again after your treat night.
This part is important as the carbohydrates prevent you from crashing and falling off the diet. Plan your week ahead and they days you workout if you know you have an indulgent night out ahead!


Protein requirements are higher for those of us that train hard and thus the RDA of 0.5g per kg of bodyweight works ok on non workout days but needs at minimum, doubling on workout days and the next 12-24 hours.

Take this into account when choosing foods throughout the day.




Choose one from the breakfast menu and one or two from the lunch/dinner menu depending on hunger.

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