Quit trying to be skinny, people you think like it, don’t.

Ladies and Gents…listen up:

Don’t try and get skinny, it’s weird. Here’s why…. guys like a woman with curves and women don’t like a skinny ass bloke….skinny is for childhood when people are still maturing into their full skin.

Women think women should be skinny and guys think women want skinny dudes. Messed up and confused scenario.

A woman should have curves, hips, boobs and just the natural damn sexy shape that is proper for the female form and thank the cosmos that women are curvy and hot. Thighs thinner than knees and emaciated arms. Never met a dude who goes in for that, ever. It’s hard wired into us to chase tail that is curvy. Womanly. Not sick and skinny.

Guys, seriously, women like a guy to have flesh on his bones. Sure a 6 pack looks cool but only when it sits amidst slabs of meat not when it is framed by stick limbs and visible vertebrae.

Women enjoy feeling safe in the arms of a solid body, not a boys body.

Quit freaking out about how skinny or lean you are and focus on how good you are.

Start outperforming yourself. Lift more, run faster, jump higher, hit harder. Whatever it is you do, do it better and provided you don’t eat total crap, you’ll look like you perform.

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