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Weight Loss Truths and Education

Weight loss is simple…

but weight loss is not always easy and here are some harsh realities of calories, poor reporting (even from professionals), food comparisons and much more.

While the linked article is long it WILL clear up a lot of the crapola flying around your head about healthy foods. Healthy doesn’t always lead to healthy outcomes where weight is concerned for a number of reasons that are highlighted in the links.

This article:
and this short video really do cut to the truth of the matter
Some people will find it comforting and help with their goals, others will hate it. Understanding the information in these links will help you implement a successful diet to help you in your journey.
Most of these points have been mentioned elsewhere on this blog but it always pays to send a message from many angles to reach as many people as possible,
Take a read through, watch the video, who knows; something may just ring true to you in a different way than previously.

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