Why you can succeed

Success, in any endeavour, is a result of consistently applying yourself over time.

As a result of peoples needs for fast fixes and ‘NOW’ mentality, the vast majority of the population will fail in the gym and kitchen. You don’t have to.

To change the shape and performance of your body can only be a result of long term effort, executed at a frequency that allows the action to become habit.

For one persons genes to fully express themselves they must be “turned on” for more than just a moment to justify the energy expended doing so. To become strong (and thus toned) we HAVE to repeat the exposure to a stress, in this case, tension across muscle fibres over a period of years.

Anyone that trains here in Epsom knows that we have a penchant for lifting heavy weights, you should too if maximum performance and aesthetics are to be in your future.

I don’t expect everyone to lift this heavy, just some!

As a Personal Trainer, I find the toughest part of my job is to get people to understand that consistency is hugely important. Too many people try exercise for a few weeks or perhaps even months and expect an enormous transformation. If you are hard working and dedicated you will see some nice changes after a few months, not a few weeks.

That is not to say weight loss cannot happen very rapidly, weight loss is easy, REALLY easy but by now you are all understanding that “weight” is of little importance. Body composition is, as is performance.

Weight loss is easy

If you want to truly succeed at changing your body then you have to be resigned to the fact it will take longer than you want, but sometimes, shit just has to be done. I don’t enjoy paying bills but I know I have to if I want the pleasure of electricity, water, a roof and trivial items such as food.

If you want to enjoy a long lasting, healthy, sexy and athletic body then just know that the sweat and hard work has to be done.