2000 Calories Meal Plan – Minimal Breakfast

2000 Calories Meal Plan

Another Meal Plan…A little higher calories than normal for those really busy days where you are rushed off your feet and always moving…perhaps even a workout day with your Epsom Personal Trainer, Richard Ham Williams


Breakfast: 250 calories 5 g protein

Glass of water/coffee/tea (50 cal)

One slice of toast with butter not spread (200 cal 5 g pro)

Snack: 10-90 calories

Glass of water/ cup of tea/coffee (50 cal)

Gherkin or two or four! (10-40 cal)


Lunch: 800 calories 60 g protein

Glass of water

Home made burgers x2 (250 g lean beef mince) with one egg in mix to hold together, add herbs and spices as desired. Two buns and gherkins galore! (800 calories 60 g pro)


Snack: 90 – 180 calories

Glass of water

Boiled Egg x 1 or 2 (90-180 cal 6-12 pro)


One piece of fruit (100 cal)

Dinner: 700 calories 60 g protein

Glass of water

Two pork chops with broccoli and carrots. Trim fat off (700 cal 60 g pro)

Pork chops, home made burgers and all round tasty goodness! Yup thats right, another meal plan from Epsom Personal Training: Hams Fitness

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