1700 Calories Meal Plan – chocolate, wine and beer!

Another One Day Meal Plan…1700 calories – chocolate, wine and beer

for those days where you really can’t stand not having some chocolate, wine or beer!


Still with plenty of vegetables and enough protein to keep you on track.


Breakfast: 50 calories

Cup of tea or coffee with a splash of cream. No sweetening (50 cal)

Snack: 240 calories

Glass of water

Chocolate bar i.e. dairy milk 45g bar (240 cal)

Lunch: 650 calories 50 g protein

Glass of water

Tuna salad sandwich with spoonful (30 g) of mayo or salad cream (650c 50 g pro)


Snack: 100 calories

One piece of fruit (100 cal)

Dinner: 400 calories 25 g protein

Glass of water

Salmon fillet (100 – 150 g fillet) and a plate full of broccoli with a small knob of butter (teaspoon size 10 g) (400 cal 25g pro)

Glass of wine 250 ml or bottle of beer (150 – 250 cal)

Your Epsom Personal Trainer, Richard Ham Williams

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