Body Back Hybrid Bootcamp Epsom Round 1 Complete

The first six weeks of Epsom’s Body Back Hybrid Boot Camp are over…

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The results are in!

Out of the six people that were brave enough to sign up at the beginning of this New Year for the two available boot camps here in Epsom I had four that wanted to lose weight as a main goal and lose weight they did.

The smallest weight loss of the six weeks was 2.6kg(5.72lbs) and the largest was a whopping 6.6 kg or 14.5 lbs. Amazing work!

So what did I have them do for such results?

Each of the bootcampers was weighed and body stats were recorded at the start of the bootcamp. This allowed me to calculate current metabolic rates to better help them change their diets.

I also provided them with example meal plans and nutrient profiles to adhere to. We could then be sure of ingesting the appropriate amount of calories and nutrients that support a positive body composition change.

And of course they worked their arses off too….

Check out this short compilation of some of the workouts everyone went through. Watch closely and you’ll see I adjusted exercises to suit individuals abilities.

Get in on this action and jump on board now:

The next Body Back Hybrid Bootcamp starts on March 6th

Drop me a line or call me on 07742 952 208…today :)

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