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Food Delivery Services Review. Muscle Food vs Kezie Foods

A Review of Food Delivery Services: Kezie Foods VS Muscle Food

I love food, meat specifically (and ice cream) but it can get expensive and fast!

Finding a cheaper alternative, without sacrificing quality, to being in and out of the supermarket so frequently is always appealing to me so I have been testing food delivery services that are not a traditional supermarket.

Enter Muscle Food and Kezie Foods.

Both offer a great selection of meats and other great foods. Although Muscle food does appear to offer a broader range of goods.

A little on each from their own websites:

Muscle Food say:

We aim to provide you with the best lean meats and supplements on the market to enable you to get all the nutrients and protein you need to excel at a cost effective price…..no added water, salt or any other additives

Kezie Foods say:

Today, the company has a range of over 20 exotic meats, game meats, traditional meats and seafood……Our range of food is about as natural and clean as it gets with many of the meats and fish being genuinely wild, naturally high in protein and low in fat. 

 Lets start with Muscle Food

Food Delivery Service Review Epsom Personal TrainingOrdering

My first order with them was not a smooth process. The checkout process is a little “faffy” as some items are listed as 24 hour delivery and others are not. What they don’t make clear enough is that if any of the items in your basket are not 24 hour labelled then none of them arrive within the 24 hour window.

Add to that some of the items show 24 hour delivery in a search pane and then the 24 hour logo vanishes when you click on the items page to view…it makes it a bit of a shit show when trying to select only 24 hour delivery items.

The quality of the food more than makes up for it.


However, if you take the delivery and checkout process out of the judgement then the quality of the food more than makes up for it. The steaks are FAR superior to anything of equal price in my local Sainsbury. I mean really, they are delightful and I consider myself a fussy steak customer. The chicken breasts are much bigger than expected (when comparing to a standard supermarket purchase), don’t shrink or dry up when cooked and are never ending when you get the 2.5k bag!

Each item has been bigger, cheaper and of superior quality to anything I have bought from a supermarket. Win.

Packing and labelling

When the delivery arrives it is in a branded cardboard box with a simple silver, insulated bubble wrap style packing and sealed ice blocks to keep the food cool and frozen (although some items have started to defrost). It is not pretty  but seems to do the job well. No fuss here, just function. I’m cool with that.

The food packets themselves are again simple with no excess material. Good work MF (I cant stand too much fluff on my packets that are needless and just create extra rubbish).

I don’t like that they haven’t listed the calorific information on the foods. That’s a website only affair. Booo.


Very competitive and cheaper than the supermarket. Although due to the nature of online shopping I find myself spending a little more as there are so many options and the amounts are simpler to purchase in large quantities.

Kezie Foods

Food Delivery Services Review Epsom Personal Training Hams FitnessOrdering

So slick, easy and yes, 24 hours. On all items. Win.

I spent all of about three minutes ordering my basket from Kezie whilst out walking the dog and using my mobile. It was a much smoother process.

Nothing more to say on that. Simplicity wins.


The food itself is lovely and a little more adventurous with Ostrich, Kangeroo, Crocodile, Alpaca, Springbok to name just a few of the exciting meats they supply.

I am now a fan of Ostrich meat and will be trying a braver range of meats soon.

What I didn’t know I didn’t like is Kangeroo. It’s not my kind of meat and it seemed to come in abundance in each of the orders I placed. Booo. My next order will be more carefully chosen to avoid the Roo’s!

They even sell insect protein foods…

Packaging and Labelling

A slicker looking packing with more attention paid to aesthetics and cooling. The Kezie Foods delivery came in a cardboard box with a polystyrene cooler with no single item showing any signs or defrosting. Very impressive in function if a little more cumbersome in form and waste.

I’d feel more secure in knowing that if I were running late home one day that this is more likely to keep my food order frozen for longer than Muscle Foods packing.

The food packets themselves are just better. They are vacuum packed and have full nutrition labels which do show the calorific information. Win.


A little more expensive than Muscle Food but still competitive and good value.

Verdict and Overall Impressions

Muscle Food have such amazing value, quality and variety they are hard to beat but the ordering process is annoying.

Kezie Foods make the entire process slick and easy whilst maintaining quality and all packaged in a very professional and high quality set up.

Both offer delightful foods of high quality.

There really is no winner. They offer different styles of sales, products and delivery.

Kezie does offer a wicked selection of meats we usually don’t see on the shelves of UK supermarkets which makes each order a little adventure in to food with a side of excitement/anticipation.


Try both, use both, alternate and see which has a more attractive offer at the time. I do.

Any thoughts or experiences with Food Delivery Services or Kezie and Muscle Food?

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