Cardio good for you? I think not….

So you think cardio is good for you huh?

The following links will look at some recent studies;

They look at heart health and heart attack incidences between marathon runners and sedentary people, in one study they even compare marathon runners to populations with high risk factors (smokers, hereditary factors etc) and marathoners come off worse in all cases!

I have been an advocate against traditional cardio for a long time now but it is nice to see science back me up. Now we just have to wait for more studies before this knowledge trickles down to mainstream fitness.

Cardio not so good for you

“In controls, the calcium plaque volume was 169 mm3compared with 274 mm3 for the elite runners (P=0.028)” not a good thing!

“So the controls came from a population that has (Bayes theorem here) a much higher a priori probability of having coronary disease than average, and yet the runners still beat them in having more evidence of coronary atherosclerosis.”

Cardio Causes Heart Disease

Would you believe 12% of asymptomatic marathon runners had evidence of myocardial damage on LGE?


Would you believe that among the sedentary controls only 4% had abnormal LGE?”

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