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The Present State Of Exercise


From day to day I see many people that are simply lost with their exercise programmes, results are lacking and progress is as rare as rocking horse sh….

Humans (men) being what we are never admit to being lost. So rather than lost,  I will call it misdirected.

Misdirected by the vast, and I do mean vast, amount of totally useless information that the media publishes on a daily basis, on the subject of exercise.

And who do you suppose writes these articles and where do you suppose they get their information from?

From experience I have seen that many authors write in a style that gives their own opinion and interpretation of a subject which they have heard about second hand from someone who did similar. A case indeed of the blind leading the blind. A breeding ground for wives tales and myths.

I have recently been helping a group of people that are new to the world of exercise and I see the routines they have cobbled together from magazines. I am amazed at a) how overly complicated they are and b) they are a patchwork of the easiest exercises that yield very little return.

My advice to them and anyone reading this;

Keep your workouts simple, hard and short. Not long, convoluted and easy.

I am but one person and have very little influence over what the masses do but I will direct who I can, when I can and direct you in the best way I know how.

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