Crypto Currencies Accepted

Did you know that I accept Crypto Currencies as a payment method?

The future of new money is here to stay in the form of digital currency aka Komodo (KMD), Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ether (ETH) etc.

So if you want to pay for your Personal Training or Bootcamp sessions in a new way then I can accommodate that too!

I may just be the only Personal Trainer in the area that offers that..who knows :)


What are Crypto Currencies?


A decentralized non Government controlled or backed store of value that allows international borderless payments, privacy, security, control of your own funds, removal of a middle man, ownership and control of your own finances.


The technology is basically a non changeable digital ledger distributed among unrelated, unconnected “miners” or “stakers” that is controlled by no one single body and thus cannot be deleted, owned or historically edited by anyone…what happens on the Blockchain stays on the Blockchain, forever. A record of fact for honesty and history.


Anyway, enough of that for now  :)


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