Epsom Personal trainer before and after oct to nov 2017

My Photo shoot and Holiday Prep Diet

What did I eat to prepare for my round the world holiday and photo shoot?

Many of you know that I have been globe trotting and that I spent 8 weeks stripping off body fat for a pre holiday photo shoot but what you may not know is how I went about going from 94.6kg and 18% body fat to 84.7kg (a very dehydrated weight for shoot day) and 9.2% body fat.

If I have ever trained you or spoken with you about diet and exercise then you’ll know that I am proponent of simplicity. Simple food, simple rules and simple, short workouts.

Nothing changed for me here.

Epsom Personal trainer before and after oct to nov 2017

Three workouts per week and a calorie limit and protein target per day.

The foods I ate were normal everyday foods, including beer and nights out on the town. The secret? Consistency and making up for a “bad” day with a good one that factors in the calories of the day before.

I’ve run fat loss periods in the past but this time I upped my protein count to 150 to 200 grams per day as the target. Some days were higher and others lower. Nothing fancy.

If you want to see exactly what I ate for the 8 weeks then here is a copy of the spreadsheet detailing the foods, times of day and calorie/protein counts!


My workouts were so simple: full body strength training one day and then 48 hours later a metabolic conditioning workout and then back to strength training again 48 hours later. Workouts were rarely more than 30 to 45 minutes.

Take away points:

Calories first

Protein intake second

Workouts should be intense, effort beats workload


It doesn’t matter how much muscle you carry if your body fat is too high to show it off and body fat is dictated by diet not training.

And now I am back from eating and drinking like a King I must start 2018 with resolve. I have booked in another photo shoot so I have to get my diet and training back in check….a deadline and pressure works wonders for adherence to a program! Try it.


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