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Edwina, as you know by now, always comes in and kicks arse. She trains exceptionally hard, has her diet in tune and is all about this life of being being fitter, stronger and better and it shows.


Edwina is just starting the Triathlon season training programme where things start to get to really serious with big ambitions after recently qualifying for the European Triathlon championships where she’ll represent Great Britain!


I’ve been working with Edwina for a some time now and she has a few kind words to say:


“I  began training with Richard in early 2014.  It took no time at all for me to feel totally confident in his knowledge and ability to educate me in strength training.  I needed to find a trainer who could fix me a program that would compliment my already existing training schedule for ironman triathlon.  I wanted to build muscle to help prevent injury that can occur in long distance sport, and to build strength to help me up my game.  He has succeeded in both.  I have never been as strong as I am now.

Richard keeps his training really simple.  No frills, just hardcore, functional training.  Which achieves maximum results.
The thing that makes Richards personal training, in my opinion, leagues above the rest, is that he actually educates me and explains very simply, why I am doing the exercises I am  doing, and what the benefits are.  Always making sure that I am performing with great form.
I have always felt that I have Richards undivided attention throughout our sessions and his enthusiasm and encouragement to achieve my goals are priceless.
The facility where Richard is based is great.  There are rarely more than five other people in the gym at any given time, which I really like as it keeps me focused on what I am doing.
I have recently qualified as a GB age group triathlete.  I will be competing in the European Championships in September of 2016 and I cannot think of a person I would rather have training me than Richard….he totally rocks!
Edwina Hartwell”
And now for a little video of some of Edwina’s training…
 [embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ww-FvuAlZqg[/embedyt]


  1. So impressed with the combination of diet with strength work. To achieve these results has obviously come from a great pairing and a full understanding from both parties.

    I hope one day I can finally work with Richard too and help with a different type of transition but attaining similar goals.

    Well done both of you. (Just not too sure of feet smelling of sick though?)

  2. Author

    Hi Kim,

    I am impressed too, Ed always works so hard and deserves the results. She totally nails her diet and training! Just drop me a line when you are ready

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