Epsom, Surrey & London Personal Training Results Janice

Epsom, Surrey & London Personal Training Results: Janice

Janice always brings her A game and her poker face…this woman is hard to read and has the strongest legs out of nearly everyone I train…seriously.

During the weight loss adventure Janice has lost a total of 29kg and counting…tenacious is word that suits her well.

Janice Before and After, Epsom, Surrey & London Personal Training

Having had back issues in the past we’ve worked slowly and steadily on strengthening the muscles that support her spine and hip structures with some great pain free success.

I’ve never heard her whinge once and she usually asks for more! A rare breed and a pleasure to train.

There a few videos of Janice during our Personal Training sessions here In Epsom and I’ve no doubt they’ll be more to come with deadlift PRs and the like.



Happy Training people



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