Epsom, Surrey & London Personal Training Client Testimonial

Epsom, Surrey & London Personal Training Testimonial, Vivek

Viv sent me this great email and it is most definitely worth sharing:


“I have been training on average for about 2 hours a week with Richard, for the past 4 months.

Over that time, the benefits have been marked:
– My weight is down by nearly 10kg (in BMI terms, this is a drop from 27.5 – well in the overweight and unhealthy zone to 24.8 (which is in the normal healthy range), and I am still on a downward trajectory
– I feel fitter and stronger, and I feel that my cardiovascular fitness and endurance have improved markedly.
– Objectively, I am also making great progress: Each session, I improve on some or other personal best (be it a workload, endurance or speed challenge). Other objective indicators of fitness (eg heart rate recovery time, interval metrics) continue to improve. At a recent session, I achieved a time on the rower that I had not achieved for more than 20 years, when I was in a rowing squad at University
Viv Pressup
– I feel leaner (and have had to cut new belt holes), and others have remarked that I look more toned, leaner and more fit
– My improved fitness has made a difference to my everyday activities: I feel generally more active, less fatigued and less stressed. My eating habits have become much more healthy (without it feeling like a sacrifice). My skiing technique and endurance was markedly better on a recent trip than it has been in years. I get much less in the way of annoying aches and pains of middle age.
Richard’s method involves progressive strength conditioning mixed with cardiovascular training adapted for the individual’s goals, ability and activity levels. His training clearly combines vast practical expertise, an immense body of physiological knowledge, and a passion for fitness. His psychological style strikes the right balance between being pushing and challenging, while also being encouraging and reassuring, ensuring that I get the very most from my sessions.
viv before and after
Particularly impressive is his ability to adapt workouts around individual circumstances – for example, I have problems with my knee (a result of an old skiing injury), around which he works to strengthen the joint without stressing it. Also useful is the fact that he records every facet of every session in detail, as an objective (and encouraging) guide to the progress that his clients make.
Most important of all (speaking as a person who has previously had to force themselves reluctantly to exercise), I genuinely look forward to Richard’s training sessions.  The workouts are tough, but Richard makes the process of getting fit easy. The sense of progress and achievement I get, combined with his advice, makes it relatively easy to eat more healthily and to gradually reduce my weight (and I am someone who really loves his food – so that is no small achievement). And overall, the results have been simply fantastic. I look forward to continuing to train with Richard to see how much more I can achieve.”
Thanks Viv, you always work hard!
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