epsom personal training before and after

Hams Fitness Total Body Transformation Solution Client Results

Hams Fitness Total Body Transformation Solution Client Results


John has been a pleasure to train as he trains he arse off and understands that even though he has his food delivered to his door, fresh, every day, it is still up to him to follow the plan and stick with it.

His dedication and consistency has paid off with 12kg of fat loss and 2kg of muscle gain over the last 90 days with the Hams Fitness Total Body Transformation Solution.



He also has gone from zero press ups to sets of 10

Not being able to deadlift 60kg to pulling 160kg

Zero chin ups to two

Zero dips to three.

In his own words:

You’ve been an amazing trainer, absolutely got the right balance

of pushing me and knowing when to let me crack on.

Superb stuff. Hugely grateful to you.


As a Personal Trainer it is this work and these results that makes Personal Training all worth while. Thanks John…see you soon..


Now for a little compilation of Johns hard work and results:


Surrey Personal Training before and after


90 Day Total Transformation Solution John B Epsom Personal Training

Epsom Personal Training Before and after front

before and after side