Five Rules to Weight and Fat Loss

The five rules to weight and fat loss are essential and here is a brief run down for you…


Just another list? Perhaps but repetition is key and these truly are the most important elements of any successful weight and fat loss approach.


This one is simple and nearly always overlooked. It doesn’t matter how perfect the types of food you eat are or how scientifically perfect your training is or even how stress free your life is. If you still take in more energy than you burn, you’ll not lose weight. Perhaps even put on weight.



Second to energy intake/expenditure is protein requirements. Protein is needed not just for muscles but for so many other cells: hair cells, skin, organs, tendons, eyes etc. so you see before we even get to recovery from exercise we have a large need for protein already. Couple that with exhausted muscles from your kick ass workout here with Epsom Personal Training, Hams Fitness and you begin to see why it is important.

Imagine you’ve worked out hard and are already on a calorie deficit diet, then you work hard and break down your muscle tissues. Without the correct amount of protein you’ll end up with less lean body mass (equalling a slower metabolism), and a quite possibly a higher body fat percentage in turn increasing your chances of being skinny fat. Protein is of primary importance.



This should be self explanatory. Weight loss and fat loss happen over time, not over a quick period of a few weeks. The Monday to Friday and weekend binging mindset that so many try to make work on a diet doesn’t cut it. One cheat meal per week can work…Friday night through to Monday morning cheating doesn’t. Chose a smart diet and stick to it. A cheat meal each week will help you stick to it.

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We heal when we sleep, we restore our mental decision making strength (which helps us fight urges against poor food choices). We also happen to kick out growth hormone ( a potent fat burner). It can not be underestimated. Decision making fatigue can sabotage a diet: stay mentally fresh by getting your eight hours per night.



Noting makes up a greater percentage of our body mass than water. Hydration also helps our mental sharpness and decision making skills. We perform btter, make better choices, heal faster, perform better and smile more when we are well hydrated. This doesn’t mean you have to get all your water from the tap….food has a water content too. Vegetables and fruits have a high water content: just another reason to eat good healthy fruit and veg!


These five laws are the most important elements that will see your weight and fat loss goals reality.


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