Video; Epsom Personal Training Meets Gomez Performance

What happens when two trainers meet for a workout? Hams Fitness meets Gomez Performance?


Jon and I met up for a few workouts last week and here is a little video compilation of the upper body sections….the battery ran flat during the deadlifting…sorry folks…next time.

We ran through some basic pyramid work with a focus on dead stop strength where each rep for pushes and pulls were dead stop so as to minimise any stretch reflex.

Chins were with an added 30kg

Dips with an added 30kg

Pendlay style barbell rows with 100kg

Arm work was a little extra on the end because who doesn’t love a little extra arm pump!

We ran two to three heavy sets and then a couple of lighter higher repetition sets of each of the pushes and pulls.


Top workout…when Jon actually stops joking about and stalling for more rest periods:)


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