Personal Trainer Epsom results

Hams Fitness Personal Trainer Epsom Testimonial – Shawn

here is what Shawn has to say after training with me here in Epsom:

“My partner has been seeing Rich for many years, and recently, after some health issues, it was time for me to get fit. So I finally bit the bullet and booked in with Rich (Ham’s Fitness). I told him what my issues were, and I explained my concerns and objectives.

What I got in return was brilliant. Rich knows the human body like we see the back of our hand. He understands the mechanical and muscle structure and, more importantly, how it all works.

I am now in my 13/14th week of seeing him twice a week, and what a difference. Rich finds workouts that work for me; he provides enough encouragement to get the best of me and tells me what we will achieve with the excise.

Having seen a few personal trainers over the years, Rich is by far the best I have experienced. He cares; he understands and gets as much enjoyment out of progress as I do.

On top of all this, he is a damn decent chap to boot. Would I recommend him? 100% he is fantastic at what he does, and the Privitar gym where I see him is modern, clean and peaceful.

My best advice for anyone looking for a reason to go to the gym is to get in touch with Ham’s fitness and give Rich a try. You will not be disappointed”.

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