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Which personal training membership is right for me?

One, two or three personal training sessions per week, which is the best personal training membership for your goals?

Three times per week:

Three sessions per week is suited to those that want a totally dedicated bad ass, no compromise approach to fitness, only faster. Physique changes occur at a rapid pace and the fullest cardio vascular benefits exercise can provide manifest. The intensity and frequency simply forces the body to adapt and change, quickly.

An effective and potent engine for change.

If you are looking to really make a profound change in your all round health, fitness and function then three per week is hard to beat.

Stronger, healthier, more confident, resilient to the environment with go anywhere do anything ability and the cardio to support it.

Seriously strong medicine.

Twice per week:

Training twice per week is great for getting stronger, improving body composition and gradual improvements in cardiovascular health. By keeping the workout sessions short and intense we can focus energies on power output and stamina.

You’ll notice your new strength and power in everyday life in places you may not expect, a lovely little benefit of being stronger and fitter: your everyday life becomes easier and less draining.

People will be comment at how strong you become.

If you can motivate yourself to a third workout on your own then you can still be a specimen of a human that is not only stronger than most but has the cardio to match it.

Stronger, more confident and life seems easier.

Once per week personal training membership:

Many think that one session per week couldn’t possibly be enough to provide any benefits but they would be wrong! Rest assured though that the science is clear on this, it most certainly can be beneficial if performed correctly.

Strengthen and tighten your muscles, increase bone density and most certainly your confidence.

However, there are limits to how stimulating one session per week can be, for example: cardio vascular health and fitness will not improve to any noticeable or meaningful degree with one per week. These kind of adaptations need more frequent training.

So one per week will see you stronger, tighter and more confident. Great for those wanting to slow the turn of time or to simply get new ideas for their own self driven workouts!

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