Cost the Country Less, Eat Smarter and Exercise

Cost the Country Less, Eat Smarter and Exercise


The NHS costs the Government approximately one hundred billion pounds per year. Lets look at how we can help reduce that figure.

If you could boost your immune system and minimise body fat you would be less likely to go to the doctors due to a lessening of your chance of actually getting any illness in the first place.

Many people run to the doctor for problems that can easily be avoided or overcome.

For example, common colds, sore backs and crook necks can be significantly reduced through eating smart foods in smart quantities so that you don’t become overweight, thus reducing the strain on your skeleton. And also by bolstering your immune system by providing sufficient nutrients to enable heightened immune function.

Common injuries from falls and stumbles such as sprains/strains can easily be avoided by strength training so that a) you are more able to catch yourself during a fall before impact b) even if you did make impact it would have a less severe effect due to the strength of your tissues.

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Lower back pain can be managed or reduced in most cases through correct strengthening exercises as back pain has been shown to be correlated with reduced back strength.

Type 2 diabetes is on the rise and has been for a while now and guess what…..most people that get type 2 are grossly over weight and carrying too much fat through poor eating choices. Simple fix….eat smarter and workout. Cheaper and better for the soul.


Overweight costs the the country money.


Lets have a look at some figures here:


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  • Obesity costs about £6 billion per year
  • Diabetes related costs £3.5 billion!Over half of which needn’t have diabetes in the first place
  • Back Pain £480 million


These numbers are horrific especially when you consider that the majority of that spend could be cut by large amounts.

Eat a little less and a little better, exercise a little more and a little harder.