Are You strong Enough to Protect

Yes, it surely is a buzz word right now: RIOT. We have all had our attention drawn to a more primal side of human nature and make no mistake, it is in our nature to behave like primates, it’s what allowed us to dominate as a species. Our physical abilities, ALL of them should be encouraged and celebrated.

I should note here that I in know way condone or defend the actions of rioters…

We stole, we fought, we killed. To ignore these facts is to deny what we have been genetically handed. For years we have hidden our urges behind physical sports and exercise but times have changed.

The expression of our natures has been demonised, the displays of anger, domination and rage have been turned into something else, something to be frowned upon and hidden as deep as we can. Unless you play Ice Hockey of course. They seem to have the right idea.


Fight Time Outs. Realistic Sport!


There was a time when a fist fight was just that: a dust up between two people with a grievance. Sock each other in the face a few times and one reigns the Alpha of the situation. Job done.

Modern society has deemed it fit to paint the alpha male as a thug and a brute and in some cases they are right. What they fail to remember is that the very people that work behind the scenes to protect our lifestyle are the very same type of person they brand as trouble. Make no mistake, a soldier is very much in touch with their ancient side, the side that allows them to kill and protect a territory, for us.


Ready To Kill For Us


Many of us watched great footage of the London Riots over the last few days  and I am sure we saw clips that made us stop and think: What would I have done if a gang of people attacked me, my family or someone/something I loved?

Could I protect myself and that which I held dear to me? Am I physically capable enough to stand my ground and uphold the values which our ancestors stood by and made our country the leaders of the free world?

Well could you? Or have you become so soft and embellished by the sense of safety modern society has created. I think the people who reside on the streets of the rioting had a wake up call.

A man of great achievement once said words to this effect:


“All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to stand by and do nothing”.


It saddens me to say this but too many good men are too weak and soft to do anything other than nothing.

Most people will stand by a situation because they are fearful of pain in one of its many forms not because they condone it. In the case of the riots, by standers were fearful of physical assault and with good cause.

I would have feared for myself in the same situation due to the lack of support from other capable people around me. Take a look around you on the street, how many of them would you feel safe with at your side while protecting your country?

If we all learned to strengthen our bodies, if we knew that there were men of strength and confidence around us and that we were a part of that too, do you think the rioters would have such total dominance over the streets?


Old school strong

Being physically strong and capable offers so much more to the world than simply lifting heavy objects. Those of us that already have that capacity know of the confidence and pride that comes with it. Only those of us that lift, that strive to better our physical selves can feel that sense of power and righteousness.

We are part of a rare breed that offer society so much more than can be known until you are part of our clan. We silently and subconsciously scream that we are strong and confident for our clan has been bonded through hours and years of pain and sweat. We may not know each other by name but we know each other and we will be there standing against those who attempt to take from us what we hold dear. We are few but we stand united.

There was a time in history when we were many. Our clan is smaller than it has been in human history but it is making a comeback, our clan is that of the strong and capable and we welcome those carved from the same stone.