How to Get Fat – Reverse Engineering Fat Loss

How to Get Fat – Reverse Engineering Fat Loss….

With a metric tonne of information on how to lose weight and get leaner we still have people that are confused about what to do, what to eat, when to eat, fat or fat free, low carb or high carb, high protein or low protein.

Should I eat bread? Can I drink coke? Eating after is 8pm is allowed? Carbs or protein for breakfast? Does fat make me fat? Which fats are good fats?





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Lets clear up some confusion.


First off:


if weight loss, just pure weight loss on the scale is all that concerns you then the answer really is as simple as:


It doesn’t matter what you eat, whether its healthy, fatty, fruity or whatnot, so long as you eat less calories than you burn, the scale will show weight loss. There is NO STARVATION MODE, NONE. Ever. Ever. REALLY. No body ever in the history of science has ever failed to lose weight when they eat less than they burn. EVER. EVER. EVER. NOBODY.


OK so now the shouting is over it should be clear that weight loss and weight loss alone is about calories. Energy in versus energy out.



Weight isn’t the full picture


It is quite possible to lose 10lbs of fat and the weight on the scale doesn’t move that much, if at all, perhaps it even goes up! No shit, really. You can lose fat and build lean tissue in the form of muscles, bone density, sinew and organ weight.


So your scale weight stays the same but your body fat drops. I guarantee you’ll look a damn sight better for it. Weight loss as a sole measurement of health and gym progress is ludicrous.


So how do we get fat irrespective of body weight?


Getting fat is really very simple. Follow these simple rules:


  • Stop any strenuous exercise (you wouldn’t want to build any lean tissue now)
  • Make your main source of food, carbohydrates (stock up on energy stores)
  • Start long, slow, easy and frequent cardio exercise (shrink those muscle fibres down to endurance specialist size)
  • Keep your protein intake low (speed the wasting of lean and metabolically active tissue and prevent the creation of new lean tissue)
  • Over eat (got to take in more than we burn to really get this coach a rollin’)
  • Sleep less than 8 hours per night (stress hormones stay elevated and fat storage becomes easy.


Follow these simple steps to get to your fattest yet you sexy beast. Who doesn’t love that wobbly mass of stored energy drooping off a svelte walrus like frame. It’s so easy, you too can become a symbol of Western superiority in just a few months time! Go on, treat yourself, every meal, every day, every week! You deserve it and surely could do with the health rewards. Feel sluggish and smarterer than you’ve been before. Enjoy that wheezy chest as you waddle up the stairs and the faint feeling you get when you play with your children.  Be beautiful. Be a blimp.


So getting fat is simple…now how do you propose we do the exact opposite and build a lean body?

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Perhaps it would look something like this:



  • Start a strenuous exercise regime (build lean tissue to shape your body)
  • Make your main source of food, protein, with sensible amounts of fats and carbohydrates (to stay healthy and without excess energy storage)
  • Keep long slow cardio sessions to once or twice a week f you must indulge in them at all. Twenty minute sessions are plenty.
  • Keep your protein intake higher than RDA as you workout hard (to build new lean tissue that helps you function more effectively and look sexier)
  • Do not over eat (you’ll still get fat even if you workout hard)
  • Sleep 8 hours or more per night (better recovery, mood, sex drive, fat burning and workouts)


Seems pretty simple to me.


Some other take home points:


  • Fat does not make you fat, it plays a vital role in cell regeneration, hormone production and immune function
  • Overeating makes us fat
  • Late night eating only makes you fat if you over eat.
  • Protein is hugely important, we die without it.
  • Carbs are energy as is fat, we die without fat and protein, we can live just fine without carbs…they are non essential


As a Personal Trainer here in Epsom, Surrey I can offer this experience from clients who have come to me for training:


Out of all the people I have trained that have lost weight, calories have been the focus.


Out of everyone I have trained that has had fat loss and looking good naked, six pack abs as a goal then their focus and has always been on carbohydrate control. Not exclusion, although that can work wonders too, but simple carb control.


Keep calories in check by reducing the one nutrient we don’t need, under control. Carbs, control them. This is not to say calorie control is not vital for a six pack, they just become far simpler to control without so much counting when we focus on carb control.


Protein rich, carbohydrate controlled diets have been chiselling aesthetic bodies for decades, nay, centuries.

Fat controlled diets, on the other hand have not.  


For further info on carbs, which are fine to eat by the way then check here for the “What’s Wrong With Carbs” article…..


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