Perspective and Tube Armpits

Some days start off in a shitty, testing way that would make any other person spiral into a mood that comforts them into believing that eating shit and skipping the gym is acceptable.

NOT YOU though, you are the type of person that can put a different slant on your perspective, you can see it through eyes that say “hey what a weird experience, this gives me a chance to really appreciate the days that don’t start like this”.

You can start to see the smiles around you and not the annoying armpit on the tube. Offer a helping hand to the struggling mother with a pram or elderly person up the stairs….that’s it! Flick a stranger a smile rather than a vacant every day person glance…sure you got it.

That armpit on the tube is a distant experience, the smiles, helping hands and friendly faces just waiting to smile back are the type of mood you are in now…..what happened this morning when the day started? No idea, doesn’t matter now…you’re on your way to an ace day of smart food choices, invigorating exercise and winning perspectives.

How you view an experience entirely determines how you let it make you react to it.

Changing your perspective can alter your whole day. It can be as stupidly simple as changing the position you are viewing something from physically or imagining you are someone else seeing this in a crowd, hearing the twat next you in a small baby voice or slow comedy drunken voice…..what ever works for you.

If you feel a perspective is leading to a less than helpful mood then change it to something…anything else.

Armpit be gone.


Bought to you by Epsom and Surrey Personal Trainer, Richard Ham Williams

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