First Impressions; How We Look to Others

First Impressions; How We Look to Others

Now the sunshine has finally taken center stage we all ought to be thinking about what we look like with less clothing on. Yes, we should, it’s REALLY important.


Functional is sexy

Did you know that it takes less than ten seconds for the average person to formulate a first impression of a new acquaintance. When I meet a new person that just so happens to be wearing enough clothing to reveal how they take care of themselves I immediately look to their posture.

Call me superficial but science shows that these are great indicators of both physical and mental health. I try to surround myself with people that are physically capable.

A strong physique can be had from very little in the way of equipment….


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Chose a selection of 4-8 really tough exercises (curls, planks and crosstrainer don’t count), think squat, deadlift, sprints (running/cycling/swimming), pressing and pulling.

That’s the simple part.



The hard part comes in the doing. Grabbing yourself by the horns and pushing as hard as you can for those few precious minutes in the gym. Not selling yourself short because “you had a hard day”. Those with great first impression physiques don’t go home because they had a hard day.

Adding more exercise will only serve to dilute your efforts and more importantly, your results.

Take a small number of movements, dominate them, love them to death and become the master of your body. Oh and do try to better your performance. Doing something that you can already easily do won’t change you.