Hypertrophy is your canvas and strength is your art

Hypertrophy is your canvas and strength is your art


Skeletal muscle mass is the base from which all movement is possible.

There is a direct relationship between muscle size and strength.

The stronger we are the more capable our skills have the potential to become.


A piece of art work is restricted by the size of it’s canvas in the same way our strength is limited by the size of our muscles but a blank canvas on it’s own is useless.


Increasing muscle size through hypertrophy training is fine if you just want a blank canvas; however, training specific strength skills is akin to adding paint to your canvas. Strength skills are your art work.


Lesson or perhaps just ramblings?

Build your body to the best of your natural genetics,

learn how to use it through various skills such as strength training, gymnastics or other sport and….. enjoy!

Muscle without the art of skilled movement is wasted art and a missed opportunity of enjoyment.