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New Year “Fun” Workout Video

New Year “Fun” Workout Video with Ed and The Scaled Version

So one of my amazing clients wanted me to deviated from our plan for just one brutal New Year workout and here it is….


For those of you who can’t complete the whole workout but want a go then here is a suggested scaled down version for you:


500m run

Squats x 25 reps at 50kg or 50 reps at 30kg

500m run

Press ups x 30 chest to floor or if floor press ups are too hard then press against a bench or window cill x 50

500m run

Chins jumping to bar over arms length away x 30 or body rows at a 45 degree angle on a bar/rings/trx/rope…whatever you have! x 50

500m run


and if running is not an option for this workout then swap the run for a row or a double length bike ride….


Have a go and see how you get on…feel free to post your times up in the comments or on the Facebook page


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