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Workout Music

Workout Music to Boost Your Motivation!

When you walk into your workout area be it a commercial gym, your garage or a hardcore lifters paradise you need to be bringing as much energy with you as you can. Music is a great way to boost your mental and thus physical va va voom!


As a Personal Trainer I deal with so many different personality types from quiet and conservative to border line social misfits…each has there own taste in music so choosing right for the gym here in Epsom is always a challenge.


I prefer to workout alone listening to rock music with the occasional Eminem track thrown in for good measure. Listening to popular radio or dance music just doesn’t put in the mood to kill the weights.


Any other mindset is going to leave you with a lesser performance and thus, lesser results. Make no mistake, when you enter the kingdom of iron, you are at war. Changing your body is that hard.


This mindset, although relaxing, just wont cut it in the Kingdom of Iron

So without further ado, here are a few tracks that get me fired up enough to move lumps of metal against the will of gravity (be warned, some of these lyrics are not work/family safe)


Three Days Grace, Riot

Rolling Stones, Paint It Black

Limp Bizkit, Break Stuff

Now pick a playlist, or better yet, create a new one solely for working out and enjoy the boost in performance it will give you!