The Secret Nutritional Plan

There is a secret nutrition plan that those who follow tap such rewards as lowered bmi, increased energy,muscle mass and longevity. It has been hidden from sight for nearly 50 years but the strong and lean know of it well. It is hiding in plain sight for all to utilize.

This nutritional secret has been passed from generation to generation for millennia from the plains of Africa to the Highlands of Scotland.

Once upon a time it was no secret. It was widely accepted as the only way to nurture and grow a human to full and beautiful capacity.

So common it was that those who strayed from its guidelines were quickly noticed,stood out from the clan and often times mocked and segregated.

The whole fearsome clan ate well and instinctively knew the secret to nutritional and therefore physical prowess and health.

So potent was it that men and women alike stood as equals on the Battlefield. The pack was strong and fearsome with none a hindrance.

These food stuffs built the steam engine, the rail roads, the tallest buildings and fought the hardest of wars.

The decline in westernised countries health is directly related to the overlooking of this diet as is their less than dominating physical presence.

There are of course exceptions, some of us know the secret and thrive. Most of you know the secret but simply refuse to believe it’s simplicity and reject in favour of a lesser compost.

The most healthful and strength giving nutritional guide has and always will be simple, contain no “super foods”, no “supplements” and nothing outside of the simple rules.

Those who adhere to the rules know that to eat a diet rich in meat, fish, vegetables and real foods that grow is to feel power and control coursing through their veins. They know that although the human body can withstand and continue to function on a low level with a lifelong barrage of foreign food stuff abuse it can only flow freely and express itself to full power on real food filled with vitamins and minerals found only in natures food that grew fresh and free.

We know the secret, we always have and we know straying from it’s principles leads us to a slow and pudgier decline of power and prowess.

Why do you chose to hide from the secret of food….

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