Tips from Epsom Personal Trainer, Richard Ham Williams:


1) Deadlifts –  Push your bum back, sit on your heals and take a bow!

2) Treadmill – forget them them if you want to work your bum, run outside. It’s harder and forces your gluteus maximus (bum) to pull your leg back and thus propells your body forwards. Treadmills take that away from running.

3) Posture – the single best exercise I have found for improving posture and keeping a healthy spine is the deadlift along side the chin up.

4) Cardiovascular exercise does not have to mean spending a long time on a select few pieces of equipment. Anything that raises your heart rate for a prolonged period of time is “cardio”. Play with your exercises, mix and match them for interesting cardio.

5) Manage fatigue, both peripheral and central. Relax.

6) Harder not longer is a great mantra for exercise.

7) Fat Loss is far more a function of what food you put in your mouth. Eat less bad goop and more good vitalising food. I have known people train for years with no noticeable difference until they changed their eating habits. Don’t be that person.

8) Strength is about teaching your body to perform the normal under load. There is no way around lifting relatively heavy weights.


Take from this list what helps you, throw away the rest!