A little poem from a client….

I have just been clearing through my back log of emails and found this one I received from a client last summer after a ladies kickboxing course I ran;


Kickboxing was his favourite game
(that is how he achieved his great fame)
With a jab, thrust, side kick and punch
He'd take on the world - and all before lunch

Rain or shine he'd stand by our side
He'd flash his navel with power and pride
Keep going he'd say to us : just 'one more lap'
Quivering, we'd run (he won't take any crap)

The jelly would wobble, u could see the sweat fall
Kick higher he'd say (he terrified us all)
Twisting and turning we'd try to comply
With squat thrusts and lunges but it was pie in the sky

Cos with our bellies, our cankles and bingo wings
We knew to avoid those iced donut rings
But for some the temptation proved just way too much
All we wanted were abs that were hard to the touch

Richard we'd say (he must be called sir)
Let us rest a bit please! but he'd twizzle and twirl
With his punching pad and gloves he'd show us the groove Spinning and kicking - he really does move

So the star jumps were last - by then we were wrecked
(Me I was busting from all the water I'd necked)
So I held in my bum and clenched both my cheeks
Wondering How on earth will I last all of 6 weeks?

I was starting to think I might feint or fall over
My thighs were quite weak-  I was the colour of clover
About to give up, collapse and shut down
2 laps he yelled :  all the way round!!

And so it goes on until 4 o clock
By which time i thought my muscles would lock
Red in the face we stood there all 3
Just waiting for home time so we could be free

Free to partake of a lovely cream tea
A muffin perhaps, oh heck why not 3?
We've earned it we say, at hams fitness class
The best in the Land - and he has the best ???&



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