BLT – success is your responsibility and calories are your success

BLT is how you account for your weight loss success….


Every BITE LICK and TASTE is part of your daily calorie intake.


We all truly know that calories count, irrespective of where they come from. Vegetables or biscuits, calories count and even if you only eat healthy foods you’ll still fail to lose weight if you fail to control calories.

We’ve all done it from time to time, we’ve been on a diet to lose a few inches and found ourselves picking at small niblets of food or drinks throughout the day and then tryin to convince ourselves that it won’t harm our results. Think again.

The NHS conduction a long term study on weight loss and gain over many years and revealed that the number one cause for weight gain is snacking. Small snacklets of food that on their own couldn’t possibly make a difference but they add up over years until we are one day staring down at a belly we no longer consider nice.



Snacking ruins diets. Curb it.


So next time you reach to nibble or take a sip or taste a dish that you don’t take into your daily calorie count just remember It’s your ass on the line, literally!


My diet plans that I provide my clients rarely contain snacks but they do contain results. The secret is in consistency.


Start today, smile tomorrow.

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