Longer or Harder?

Here in Epsom Personal Training facility we understand the difference between hard work and long work.

It is great that so many people get themselves to the gym for a workout, really, it is.

What many don’t know is that no length of time performing easier work will ever equal a shorter amount of harder work, seriously.

A series of 800m sprints will do so much more for the way you move, feel and look than a 10k run will.

A long distance run is by definition a lower intensity of effort, meaning: your muscles will work at a lower power out and therefore a lower level of effort.

A 10k will surely get your heart and lungs working but how you look and perform is not a function of your heart and lungs, it is about how tight, energised and strong your muscles are. Long slow distance work doesn’t make the cut for body reshaping.



Now the problem comes in when you find out how tough pushing yourself to work harder and not longer can be.

The answer usually lies with a Personal Trainer….that someone you can respect pushing you just a little harder than you could on your own.

This is not to say that longer distance work has no place for mental relaxation or sports specific conditioning…it just has no place in a healthy fitness programme.

What are you waiting for?


Brought to you by your Epsom and Surrey based Personal Trainer, Richard Ham Williams

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