Shoulder Stretching Post Workout with Ross Dickerson WBFF Pro European Champion- Hams Fitness

Shoulder Stretching Post Workout – Hams Fitness with Ross Dickerson WBFF Pro European Champion

A simple stretch for tight shoulders.


WARNING: take it slow and steady…don’t sacrifice your straight arm position to get further round with the bar and the lighter the bar the better for beginners.


The aim here for the shoulders is to gradually increase flexibility and in turn the health of your shoulders.

Try and be patient with it, work at it for a few weeks and you’ll soon be sending the bar all the way round.


Why this stretch you ask?


Lots of us like our pressing movements and that tends to lead to very tight shoulders and chest muscles…this can leave some of us with a forward sloped look to our shoulders (hyper kyphosis) ¬†and a pre disposition to shoulder pain.


We stretch like this to stay healthy and keep a strong and tall posture.


You should too.


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