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Sink Your Boats and Burn Your Bridges for More Fat Loss


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This is not just another post of simple “tricks” to fat loss that are so prevalent on the tinterweb, No secrets here. No magic berries or mythical “superfoods” that melt fat. There is nothing simple here. These are the top things that are always avoided and turned away from, they are there in the corner of your eye, the things you know you absolutely have to do but figure you can turn away from if you give enough attention to the minutia. I am here to put them front and centre, in your face, squarely, no turning away if you want to really see dramatic body transformation. Are you ready to embrace the hardest and most potent aspects to body transformation? The things that all success stories do that you’ve been shying away from. Buckle up Dorothy, Kansas is about to go bye bye…..

Weight loss, sporting success, relationships and many endeavours can only be truly successful when you devote yourself to them entirely. A bold declaration of purpose with no option of retreat.


Keeping one foot under the table or one hand on an old and secure branch means you’ll never truly be able to seize something great with both hands and take a leap.


Sure you may get half way there and be partially happy with whatever results you can get but you’ll never really be able to understand what it is to give your entire self to a pursuit or the bravery it takes to do so let alone what it feels like to achieve a fully realised goal.

If weight loss or fat loss is really a serious goal of yours then you need to devote yourself to it. I see hundreds of people a year hanging on to old habits in hope they’ll be able to grasp a new lifestyle and body…how can you fully embrace a new you if one arm is still tied up with the old you?

The same goes for relationships. Keeping an old flame around or hanging onto old numbers “in case” things go wrong with your current partner is a sure fire way to only be half in…which means half out too. Would you want to be with a partner that you knew was half in the door and half out? Burn your bridges and sink your boats so you have no option but to make it work.

Most average people will find any excuse they can to justify why they can’t do one or all of the following but really, there is very little genuinely standing in the way of your success other than your own will power. Be more than average. Be more.


My advice to you for serious weight loss or fat loss and body transformation looks a little like this:


1) Get Rid of The crap

Donate your wardrobe so that you have no clothes to wear if you stay this size then go out and buy new ones in the size you want to be.

Clear out the cupboards and refrigerator of all the junk foods like crisps, cakes, sweets and snacks that are calorie dense and will sabotage your results, if they are not in the house you won’t eat them.

Having them for your kids is THE single most heart breaking excuse I’ve ever heard.

2) Count calories

It always ALWAYS comes down to calories. Just guessing what you eat for the day is a recipe for failure. I promise. Use My Fitness Pal or Weight Watchers. they both have mobile applications so there really is no excuse not to. Add what you eat to the apps when you eat them, not hours later when you have forgotten what you really ate….studies show overweight people under report calorie intake by as much as 50% when self reporting at the end of the day…right it down as you eat it.


 Just guessing what you eat for the day is a recipe for failure


3) Commit Publicly

Tell people what you plan to do, publicly if possible, the more people you tell the better, it makes you responsible for the outcome and ensures failure is known and embarrassing.

Write your goal down for you  and your friends/family to see, they can help too. Having help is OK. It’s not cheating and will in fact increase the likelihood of your success.

4) Avoid Temptation

Avoid the people and situations in your life that will not support or help your goal. Really. Don’t get yourself in a situation that will test your self restraint. Seems obvious but is often over looked.

And possibly the most important of them all…..

5) Make failure more painful than the effort of success

Be it humiliation, financial or the respect of loved ones…find which trigger hurts you the most and use it.


Burn all your bridges, sink your boats, commit whole heartedly to your goals. Nothing else will allow the full completion of them. Leave no option to go backward,


Let go of old habits, remove both feet from under the table, get off the fence and stop holding onto the old branch you monkey.


Take a leap and snatch your future with both hands, never let go.


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