You Can’t Out Exercise a Bad Diet – Hams Fitness

You Can’t Out Exercise a Bad Diet – Hams Fitness


Many of us are guilty of this, we eat well, drink well and generally over indulge a little, not too much but just a little, too often. We then, diligently, head off to the gym for our penance and work our selves hard, and we do work hard, no doubt. But it’s not quite enough, over time.

What happens over the long haul is that we end up a few pounds heavier at the end of each year. 4-5 lbs a year for most of our thirties suddenly adds up and we are a stone or two heavier than we were and the reality of 10 years of living well hits home. It happens, to the best of us. Don’t beat yourself up.


But also don’t kid yourself into thinking you can out train a bad diet with a few 45 minute gym sessions per week. It might help for a month but it’s not a solution, it’s a bandage.


I have found that rather than assessing weight gain successes or failures as an annual event, view it with the seasons and make it a more natural and frequent part of your life. The eb and flow of nature is something we are part of, no escaping that, so just keep an eye on your weight and manage it long term, with short term adjustments.

Punishing yourself for gaining a few pounds in weight is usually counter productive, rather, simply acknowledge it, set a plan of about 4-8 weeks (depending on how much you want to lose) and then stick to a short term course adjustment.

Losing 5-10 lbs is so much easier and more manageable than leaving it until you need to lose 20-30lbs. Small and short steps of a few pounds, taken often, are much easier than big time intensive leaps of 10+ pounds.

So if you step on the scale or notice tighter fitting clothes (aside from poor laundry skills) and fat has crept on, I advise you: don’t ignore it if you want to keep trim. Spend a few weeks course correcting and get back to where you wan’t to be before it gets out of hand.


It doesn’t matter if you use a Personal Trainer to help you lose the weight or workout on your own or even if you exercise at all, the key is to attack your nutritional weight loss goals with ferocity for a short period of time.

For some of you, controlled dieting is inextricably linked to exercise. Won’t work without it. If that is the case then just focus on the next month or two and get a Personal Trainer if need be and solidify the resolution in your mind to stick to it and attack it. You’ll be happier you did, we all know that feeling of getting something done, started and under way is a great one,.


Get started today and give me a call if you want help and are in the Epsom or Surrey area and want Personal Training to help you with your weight loss goals.


Your Epsom & Surrey Personal Trainer,


R Ham Williams

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