12 Reasons People Have Got Fatter & Gained More Weight

12 Reasons People Have Got Fatter & Gained More Weight



This article is great (not that I agree with everything that is written but it’s good!) 12 graphs that show why people get fat and looks at data gathered over decades. I’ll give you the highlights here but the entire thing is worth reading if you wonder why more of us than ever before have gained weight:.


1) People are eating more junk food than ever, eating out more and spend less time eating cooked food at home

2) Sugar consumption is at an all time high as more and more food is processed and filled with “junk”

3) Holiday weight gain is not being lost

4) Obesity epidemic started with the low fat craze

5) Money is less of a problem for overeating as food is cheaper than before

6) Fizzy drink and fruit juice consumption has increased

7) This next one will shock many: increased variety of foods leads to more weight gain. So much more is available to us now days

8) Daily lives and work are less taxing so we burn less energy

9) Another one which may surprise you: vegetable oil consumption (through processed foods aka “junk”) has risen

10) Social lives mean we eat more at weekends…sometimes a lot more….booze and take aways are a big issue for calorie control

11) Less sleep has been shown repeatedly to make weight control harder. More sleep usually means less stress and fat storage hormones

12) Increased calorie intake. This needs no explanation


Whilst this is a very good list and the accompanying graphs (found in the link above) make it far more striking I feel there is some repetition and it can simply be summed up in the simple and often boring mantra:


Eat less junk, cook real food more often and workout.


The concept may seem an easy one to bash and many people still try to make it more complicated but the truth really is as simple as eating less and moving more (perhaps more intensely).

Yes there are smarter ways of doing this but weight loss can only happen if there is a calorie deficit: you must burn more than you consume in order to lose fat/weight.

My top five tips to help you with any weight you’ve gained or may gain are coming at you below!

1) Eat real foods and not processed ones

2) Cook fresh foods at home more often

3) Eat out and take aways less often

4) Try and avoid calories in liquid form

5) Workout hard but not too long, results are intensity related not duration


Yours in Health, Athleticism, Muscularity and Strength!


R Ham Williams