#LeanerAugust Week 3 Weigh In – Epsom Personal Trainer Weight Loss

A week of making up lost ground


If you read week 2 weight loss weigh in report¬†you’ll remember that I weighed in at 89.8k and then went away for the weekend camping and barbecuing which saw me weighing in at 91.4 kg (see the falling off the wagon post).


Week three has mostly been about trying to get that weight back off to get me back to where I was in week 2.


Friday was week 3 weight loss weigh in and saw me come in at 89.5kg which all in works out to mean I re-lost that 1,6kg gained last weekend and then lost another 0.3kg for a total weight loss in week three of 1.9kg…that’s getting back on the wagon right there.


Week three see’s me down to 89.5kg.

Week 3 weigh in

Huge win going into the final week of #LeanerAugust which ends next Friday 29th August finalising a 4 week fat loss attack!


Your Epson & Surrey Expert Personal Trainer,


R Ham WIlliams

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